Answers - B, D, A, C, D

1. Rum is a distilled alcohol made from what?

A) Corn mash

B) Sugarcane byproduct

C) Potatoes

D) Grains


2. From which country does the world's most award-wining rum originate?

A) Jamaica

B) Dominican Republic

C) Cuba

D) Nicaragua


3. Nicaragua’s signature cocktail, the Nica Libre, is made of what ingredients?

A) Flor de Caña and cola

B) Flor de Caña and grapefruit juice

C) Flor de Caña and coffee

D) Flor de Caña and coconut milk


4. Which on of these popular rum cocktails is consumed more than 100 times every minute worldwide?

A) Piña Colada

B) Daiquiri

C) Cuba Libra (rum and cola)

D) Mai Tai


5. Attribute this quote: “But why’s the rum gone?”

A) Elizabeth Swann

B) Will Turner

C) Hector Barbossa

D) Jack Sparrow

There are many rums to choose from, so what is our pick for the official rum of National Rum Week?  You don’t have to ask us twice, it’s always Flor de Caña. 


Not only do bartenders love to work with this slow-aged spirit for its well-balanced complexity, rich taste and ageing perfection from four years to 25 years, it is also one of the world's most award-winning rums. 


We’ll rely on the experts for this one.


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